Fish silage is a product made from whole fish or parts of the fish to which no other material is added other than an acid and in which liquefaction of the fish/fish waste is brought about by the enzymes present in fish processing discards. Preparation of fish silage is one of the best methods to utilise the fish processing waste and helps to overcome environmental pollution. The product is stable with a malty odour which has very good storage characteristics and retains all the nutrients present in the original material.

* Chop the fish waste into small pieces and mix well.

* Add formic acid to the waste.

* Mix well to incorporate acid into the mass.

* Care should be given not to leave any air pockets.

* Cover it and leave it for 2-7 days.

* Mix intermittently to aid in the liquefaction.

* The liquified product is filtered to remove the bony material.

* The liquid obtained is fish silage.