Glucosamine, an amino monosaccharide, produced by hydrolysis of chitin/chitosan by hydrochloric acid. ICAR-CIFT has developed process for preparation of glucosamine from the shells of shrimp, prawn and crab, Glucosamine hydrochloride is a high value nutraceutical product which has got many therapeutic uses including anti-arthritis and is an approved food supplement.

* Grind chitosan.

* Hydrolyze with concentrated Hydrochloric acid at 90oC for approximately 75 minutes.

* Dilute the resultant black material with distilled water.

* Decolourise with activated charcoal.

* Evaporate the solution obtained completely.

* Add ethnol and wash.

* Filter the solution and evaporate at 45oC to recover glucosamine hydrochloride.