Fish protein hydrolysates (FPH), a fish product produced from Fish and shellfish meat as well as processing waste including skin, scale, bone, visceral mass, gills, shrimp head waste, cuttlefish visceral waste, squid processing waste, surimi wash water etc. FPH can be sold in three different forms as dried powder, liquid and paste depending upon the intended use. FPH is rich in low molecular weight bioactive peptides soluble in water at wide range of pH and has antioxidant, anti-hypertension, anti-ageing and immune-modulatory effects. In addition, the fish protein hydrolysates serve as rich source of protein (>80 %) and traces of minerals. FPH has high market potential as supplementary food and feed ingredient.

* Collect the fish processing waste.

* Mince/Grind the raw material.

* Homogenize by adding required quantity of water.

* Add suitable enzyme and Incubate at optimized pH, temperature and time.

* Incubate for hydrolysis reaction.

* Keep for heat inactivation.

* Filter/Centrifuge the resultant material.

* Decant the supernatant.

* Dry by spray/Freeze drying.